Grandpa Greene's Ice Cream Parlour signage

From basic directional signs along the local canal to subtle acrylic plaques and creative vehicle wraps, Simply Signs partnered with Grandpa Greene's, a proud manufacturer of luxury ice cream in Greater Manchester.

Grandpa Greene’s
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From branded tuk tuks to directional signage: we help Grandpa Greene’s ice cream parlour to stand out

Grandpa Greene’s, a renowned manufacturer of luxury ice cream in Greater Manchester, has been supplying premium wholesale outlets across the North West of England. With a belief that the best flavours originate from simple things done in extraordinary ways, Grandpa Greene’s has embraced its rich history and transformed its basic recipe into handmade, luxury ice cream. In this case study, we explore how Simply Signs played a pivotal role in delivering a range of branded solutions that supported Grandpa Greene’s growth and showcased their unique offerings.

Preserving tradition and quality:

Harking back to the 1920s, when Grandpa Greene made his own ice cream using a churn in his Salford corner shop’s backyard, Grandpa Greene’s has kept the tradition alive. Simply Signs recognized the importance of preserving this heritage and ensuring the brand’s quality was reflected in their signage solutions.

Flexible directional signage:

To promote Grandpa Greene’s along the local canal, Simply Signs provided basic directional signs on foam or di bond with full-color prints on the face. These cost-effective yet eye-catching signs effectively guided visitors to the ice cream parlour, contributing to its growing popularity and establishing a presence in the local community.

Supporting growth and expansion:

As Grandpa Greene’s continued to flourish, their needs evolved and expanded. Simply Signs grew alongside them, catering to various requirements across multiple sites. For instance, when the brand-new Bistro in Uppermill Park was established, Simply Signs designed subtle signage solutions such as acrylic plaques with coloured branding printed on the rear. This attention to detail ensured a seamless integration of the brand’s identity while adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

Creativity and innovation:

Simply Signs’ collaboration with Grandpa Greene’s extended beyond traditional signage. They embraced creativity and innovation by branding a Tuk Tuk, wrapping ice cream fridges, and even designing a funky pod at Hollingworth Lake. By thinking outside the box and translating the brand’s essence into unique visual displays, Simply Signs contributed to Grandpa Greene’s distinct and memorable brand image.

Partnership and realisation of branded ideas:

One of the key strengths of Simply Signs is their commitment to partnering with their customers and transforming ideas into reality. Grandpa Greene’s experienced firsthand how Simply Signs’ expertise and collaborative approach brought their vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of their branding and signage aligned with their brand identity and objectives.

Want help with creative branding your ice cream parlour or business?

Through a strong partnership and a shared commitment to quality and innovation, Simply Signs provided Grandpa Greene’s with a range of branded solutions that supported their growth and reflected their unique offerings. From basic directional signs to subtle acrylic plaques and creative vehicle wraps, Simply Signs demonstrated their ability to adapt and deliver exceptional signage solutions. If you’re seeking to enhance your brand’s presence and capture attention, Simply Signs is your trusted partner, ready to turn your ideas into reality.