Kobe, Uppermill Oldham

Kobe, a valued and returning customer, decided to revitalise their brand by introducing a Pan Asian menu to complement their existing coffee offerings. Here's how Simply Signs ensure they stood out.

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Standing out in Oldham with Simply Signs

Kobe, a valued and returning customer, were introducing a Pan Asian menu to complement their existing coffee offerings and wanted to revitalise their restaurant signage to reflect these changes and capture the attention of passers-by.

Beautiful signage branding

Recognising the significance of visually representing Kobe’s rebranding, Simply Signs embarked on a mission to create impactful signage solutions. By utilising 40mm chunky acrylic lettering, the team achieved a visually striking effect that perfectly complemented the restaurant’s new image.

The large anthracite tray sign, prominently positioned on Uppermill High Street in Oldham, stands out and draws the eyes of passers-by. To further maximise visibility, a well-placed gable end sign was strategically incorporated to catch the attention of passing traffic.

In-house expertise and high-quality signage printing equipment

At Simply Signs, we take pride in our in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment. With our own team of skilled professionals and high-spec laser equipment, we were able to bring Kobe’s signage vision to life. By leveraging our expertise and advanced technology, we ensured that the signage exceeded expectations in terms of quality, precision, and aesthetic appeal.

Customer satisfaction

The outcome of Kobe’s signage reinvention left them delighted and satisfied. As another happy customer, they expressed their appreciation for Simply Signs’ services. The successful collaboration between the two parties resulted in signage that effectively conveyed the restaurant’s rebranding efforts while capturing the attention of their target audience.

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Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to delivering exceptional signage solutions, Simply Signs played a crucial role in helping Kobe undergo a successful rebranding process. By reinventing the signage with 40mm chunky acrylic lettering, creating a prominent anthracite tray sign on the main High Street, and strategically placing a gable end sign, Kobe achieved a visually captivating presence that aligned with their Pan Asian menu offerings. If you’re seeking to transform your brand and make a lasting impression, Simply Signs is your trusted partner, offering in-house expertise, high-quality equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.