At Simply Signs, we are proud to have partnered with M&S for over a decade, providing nationwide services for various areas of their business.


2012 to present

  • Interior signage
  • Outdoor signage
  • Wayfinding signage

Not just signs

M&S is known for their commitment to high-quality products, and we share that same dedication to excellence in everything we do. As a full-service signage company, we offer solutions for all of our clients’ needs, going beyond just creating signs to finding the right solutions for their business. Our long-standing partnership with M&S is a testament to the level of service and reliability we provide to all of our clients.

At Simply Signs, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions for all types of projects, from back of house storage to head office projects. We have invested a lot of time and resources into research and development to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. We follow the example set by M&S in terms of sustainability, such as providing a sustainable alternative to paper cups and encouraging staff to bring their own mugs to work. In addition to providing staff catering needs and noticeboards, we also offer bespoke acrylic storage, posters, mop hangers, and more.

On the sales floor, we provide navigational signage, trolley bay and car park decor, and even staff name badges that are distributed nationwide throughout the year. We strive to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious in all that we do.